Artist until I find a real job

1999 – I was born in Vellore and brought up in Chennai, India. Though I was good at arts since my childhood, neither I nor the people around me never had thought of guiding me in my correct field (Designing).

2017 – Many years later I joined the Bachelor of Engineering, intent on studying Electrical or something related to that. By the time I realized that Engineering is not for me, it was too late to swap my majors to graphic design. But that didn’t stop me, I continued to learn things myself though and here I am a pretty good Graphic Designer after completing a couple of Internships and a tonne of personal works.

2020 – Now in the final year of my B.E degree, “Artist until I find a real job” is the excuse I’ve been giving for not getting a job, but I’m trying to push myself in what I’m good at.

Thank you for reading<3

What do I do ?

  • Creative Art
  • Illustration
  • Photo Cleanups / Editing
  • Video Editing/ Making
  • Content Writing
  • UI/UX     

Let's Connect

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